Ensure Fairness in Online Gaming with Provably Fair Games

Players’ concerns about the fairness of the games they are playing are growing as online gaming continues to gain popularity. Provably fair games fill this need by providing a means of ensuring that the games are equal and open to all players. We shall examine the idea of provably fair games in this article, as well as its operation and significance for online gaming.

Getting Started with Provably Fair Games

Online games that utilize a cryptographic technique to guarantee that the game is equitable for all players are known as “provably fair” games. The result of the game is then determined using the random number generated by this procedure. To prevent tampering or cheating, the algorithm is public and open to player verification.

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How Do Games With Provably Fair Play Work?

A cryptographic hash function is used to create a random integer in provably fair games. The result of the game is then decided using this random number. Players can check the transparency of the hash function being used to confirm that the game is fair.

The technique used to produce the random number is frequently open-sourced in order to guarantee that the game is actually fair. This implies that anybody may examine the code and confirm the game’s authenticity. This is a key component of provably fair games since it makes sure that the game provider isn’t manipulating the results or cheating.

Why Are Games With Provable Fairness Important?

Because they guarantee that the games are transparent and fair for all players, provably fair games are crucial in the world of online gaming. Building confidence between gamers and game developers depends on this. If gamers lack trust, they could be reluctant to play games online, which could reduce interest in online gaming.

Provably fair games also aid in avoiding game provider cheating. There is always a chance that the maker of conventional internet games would tamper with the game to guarantee that they win. This possibility is eliminated in games that can be proved to be equally fair to all participants and really random.

Provably fair game examples

Provably fair games are prevalent in the realm of internet gaming. Several well-known instances include:

  • Bitcoin Dice Games: In these games, a random number is generated by the Bitcoin blockchain and used to choose the winner.
  • Poker: To guarantee that the game is equitable for all participants, several online poker sites utilize provably fair algorithms.
  • Blackjack: To guarantee that the game of blackjack is fair for all players, several online casinos utilize provably fair algorithms.


A key component of internet gaming is provably fair games, which make sure that all participants are treated equally and openly. These games reduce the chance of cheating by the game provider and promote trust between players and game providers by utilizing a transparent cryptographic method. Provably fair games will probably be used more frequently as long as online gaming remains popular.


1. Are just online casinos using games with provably fairness?

No, any form of online game where fairness is vital can employ provably fair games.

2. How can I determine if a game is equitably fair?

On their website, the game provider should describe the mechanism that is utilized to assure fairness. It is recommended to stay away from the game if this information is not available.

3. Can I have entire faith in provably fair games?

Provably fair games are intended to be transparent and fair, but there is always the chance that the algorithm might make a mistake. These mistakes are uncommon, though, and are frequently swiftly fixed.

4. Are games that use provably fair technology more expensive to play than standard internet games?

No, the cost of provably fair games is often the same as that of regular online games.

5. Are provably fair games more likely to result in my wins?

Though they do not assure that you will win more often, provably fair games do make sure that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

6. Can I play games that are shown to be fair on my mobile device?

Yes, a lot of games with provable fairness are accessible on mobile devices via apps or responsive websites.

7. Are games that can be proven to be fair legal?

Yes, as long as they adhere to local rules and regulations, provably fair games are acceptable.

8. Is it safe to use any online casinos that claim to provide fair games?

No, before playing any games, you should do your homework and make sure the online casino is reliable and trustworthy. To make an informed choice, look for reviews and data from other gamers.

9. Are crypto-based games the only ones that support provably fair gameplay?

No, there are regular online games that utilize this technology in addition to the many cryptocurrency-based games that do.

10. How can I make sure a game is provably fair?

A hash function is often used to create a random number, which is then compared to the number generated by the game. Most game providers will offer instructions on how to accomplish this. The game is fair if the numbers line up.

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